A look at some of the latest construction in Ocean County. This work is located along Route 9 near Elmhurst Blvd.

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We continue to see residential construction continuing around Ocean County and it's happening in Lakewood. This development has been under construction for a while and it continues to expand as more folks flock to Lakewood.


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Lakewood is now Ocean County's largest town with a population that has surpassed Toms River, Brick, and Jackson. The latest stats have Lakewood with a little over 135,000 residents according to the 2020 Census.

Toms River now has approximately 95,000 residents. Brick Township has a little under 74,000 residents, and Jackson with almost 59,000 residents. So it's obvious the hot spot for a residential spike in Ocean County is Lakewood.

In fact Lakewood is the 5th largest town in all of New Jersey...Toms River by the way is number 8 in the Garden State. So two of the largest towns in New Jersey are right next to each other. Lakewood and Toms River are neighbors so no surprise it feels so busy in the northern end of Ocean County.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Is residential construction keeping pace in Lakewood? This construction project I visited is along Route 9 and gets pretty busy between the Lakewood and Toms River border.

How do you think we are fairing in the two largest towns in Ocean County when it comes to residential construction? Let us know what you think and post YOUR comments below.


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