If there’s something I’m addicted to right now, it’s looking at unique Airbnbs online and contemplating spending money to actually stay at them.

This one that I found in Philadelphia, PA may be one of the most unique I’ve ever seen.

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This “floating cabin” is found right on the Delaware River overlooking the ben franklin bridge, and the pictures that the host provided on Airbnb are making me want to rent this out immediately.

It’s small and quaint, but it looks like the perfect, intimate spot to rent out if you’re looking for a fun overnight stay with your partner.

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It’s for sure not your typical Airbnb location, but I’m sure if you were to rent this place out for yourself you’d never stay in another spot like it again.

This rental is intended for 2 guests and has 1 bedroom, 1 bed, and 1 and a half baths. So this little cabin is actually located on the river, so if you get sea sick this place may not be the best pick for you.

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The host adds in the description that it’s subject to rocking due to wind and water conditions, but the view this place has to offer may just make you forget about all that. It has a kitchen and wifi, but the only weird part is the bathroom situation.

You have to go inside the marina to find the shower and bathroom that you would have to use.

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I’m sure if you’re renting this place, it would only be for a night or so, so this probably wouldn’t be a huge deal.

This floating cabin is close to all of Philly’s hot spots and it has great reviews! It’s for sure the most unique Airbnb I’ve seen in the area.

It's currently listed for $121 a night you can book it here. 

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