I just came across a video on Facebook that says Tamagotchi's are coming back!

November 5th marks their 20th anniversary so what better way to celebrate?

Now for those of you who are reading this post completely puzzled, the Tamagotchi was a very popular gadget in the 1990's. It was like carrying around a pet in your pocket. And to be honest, the Tamagotchi trend died out way too soon.

Here's how it works...

The day you get your Tamagotchi, your pet is "born" and from that point on, it is your responsibility to feed, play, love, and clean up after him/her. If not given the proper care, they do have the ability to get sick or even pass away.

I think that these little gadgets are so much more than just another toy. They teach the lessons of responsibility and time management without putting a real living thing in harms way.

Check out the Facebook video of the announcement here!

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