And what kind of juicy offer could Target be making next?

Well, it is one to ensure that they are taking care of their employees during the pandemic.

There is one major retailer that I can say, with absolute confidence, that they are doing all they can to help out those hourly workers who don't get paid unless they go into work.

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Target has just announced a new initiative to encourage their hourly employees to get the COVID-19 Vaccine: CASH!

Sounds kind of similar to Lidl, right?

Target is promising that employees will receive up to four hours of pay to make up for the time it would take to go get the vaccine.

And that is not all...Target will also cover the cost of a Lyft ride for employees who don't have a car. The max is $15.00 each way.

“As more vaccines become available, especially for frontline and essential workers, we’ll help our team members across the country get the information and access they need,” said Target’s chief human resources officer, Melissa Kremer.

Other companies that have announced similar employee incentives include McDonald's, Aldi, Dollar General, and Trader Joe's.

And before we wrap up....just a quick shout out to all the Jersey Shore Target employees who have worked to keep those shelves stocked so we all could get what we need.

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