I just wanted to take a minute this morning to thank everyone who came out to Branches Catering last night for the Taste of Home Cooking Show. I had a great time and I'm sure everyone else did as well.

Eric Villegas was the culinary expert and he put on a great show. That guy has a ton of energy! As usual, the management and staff at Branches was top notch, so a big thank you to them as well!

For me, the highlight of the night was when an eight year old girl won a prize and came on stage to claim it. I asked her how old she was, and she said 8. Then I asked her what she'd be when she turns 9 and she didn't even hesitate, saying, "Taller than you!" Classic!

If you didn't get a chance to get out to the Taste of Home Cooking Show, keep it in mind for next time. It's always a fun night out!