This takes the term "mean girls" to a whole other level.

Not only did these girls rob a young Girl Scout, you have to see what they say about it afterwards!

The teens took $168 from the 9-year-old girl outside a supermarket in Florida. The incident actually happened in 2008, but according to, the video of the girls post-robbery has now gone viral.

In the video, both girls show absolutely no remorse, and are actually ANNOYED that they had to give the money back and face charges. Are you kidding me?

TheFW also reports that since then, one of the girls in the video,  Stefanie Woods (above, left) has committed several more crimes.

Less than three weeks after their infamous crime, Woods and her friend were arrested after dining at a Denny’s and then walking out on their $25.84 bill.  The following year, Woods and her then-boyfriend robbed a man of prescription drugs while armed with a gun. And this past April, Woods (now 22) was arrested again for violating her probation."

Sounds like a winner.

You KNOW something like that wouldn't go down in Jersey, because someone would hunt them down and rob them right back. Seems to me like those girls need a good reality check (and a smack from Mama C.)


What would you say to these girls? Share your comments below!

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