is official.

Your minors -- more specifically, your kids who are between 16 and 18 years old -- can now work up to 50 hours per week as opposed to the original 40.

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There is a labor shortage everywhere you turn so the idea behind this rule being changed is to try and help fill the need for workers across New Jersey. And yes, they will need written permission from their parent or guardian to do so.

All you need to know about this temporary law change can be found HERE.

But....this is not the solution.

I am not saying the older teenagers shouldn't work. A part time job teaches responsibility, time management and how to save and budget money.

But working 50 hours a week is considered over time....even for us regular adults.

How on earth is having our teenagers work crazy hours beneficial?

Yes, I know. There is a labor shortage everywhere....but then shouldn't the responsibility fall on adults? Like actual adults?

And I am sure you saw this next point coming...this all stems back to that additional $300 being sent out per week for unemployment.

At first, I understood why it was being sent out. The world was at a standstill and without that additional money, people would have gone hungry for sure.

But we are no longer in lockdown phase. Restaurants are open. Stores are open. All sorts of other businesses and companies are open...and they can't find anyone who wants to work.

If I were in the position where I was receiving more money sitting at home doing nothing than going to work, of course the choice would be obvious.

So the decision to end the additional unemployment needs to fall on our leaders.

The lack of workers is basically slowing down our reopening and now we expect some of the extra work to fall on teenagers? Are you kidding me?

For all I know, there is a reason that this unemployment is continuing that I am not aware of.

But when you walk into any business that is busy, the workers look stressed. You can feel the tension.

No...but really....can't wait to see a 16 year old in that same position.

It's not right.

So end the unemployment and let's get back to life.....without teenagers being forced to work overtime hours. Yea? You in?

Thank goodness....

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