If you want change to happen, they say raising awareness is the first step.

Councilman Terrance Turnbach is looking to do just that by calling everyone's attention to a cause he wants Ocean County officials to take action on: homelessness.

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This past weekend, Terrance slept outside at Toms River Hall all evening long in 15 degree weather to prove a point: that no one, whether homeless or not, should have to endure the conditions that our homeless do.

According to Patch.com, the main goal behind this display is to, "prompt county officials to do something tangible to address the need for transitional housing in the county."

Terrance took it one step further by having the officials who did show up to support meet two men to see how they are surviving during the peak of winter.

He introduced Mike, a 70-year-old man who sleeps in a sleeping bag in the woods on some blankets. (Luckily, Terrance has since convinced Mike to utilized a nearby Code Blue shelter)

Turnbach also introduced Kenny, a 75-year-old veteran who lives in a tent that is half-a-mile back into the woods.

"It's disgusting," Turnbach said. "He shouldn't have to live out there. It's something I never want to see another veteran go through."


"It's time we do something about it," he said. "It's not human, it's not humane."

Terrance - you are a very brave man and I could not agree with you more. Especially since one of the men that accompanied you over the weekend is A VETERAN.

You can take a look at all that Terrance has done thus far to fight homelessness in Monmouth & Ocean County on the original article at Patch.com.

Please support his cause... just think if it was your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, sibling or cousin trying to survive in these unbearable conditions.

It just isn't right.

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