When you think of courage, bravery and sacrifice, no one exemplifies those qualities more than our veterans, and we are so proud and appreciative of our Jersey Shore veterans.

There are no words that can truly express our appreciation to our veterans and their families on this Veteran's Day 2018, but a simple thank you might be a good start in the right direction.

Only families of veterans and veterans themselves can truly know the sacrifices of protecting and serving our nation. I, for one stand in awe at the bravery involved and I am eternally grateful.

So if you come across a veteran, take the few seconds to show true, real appreciation for some of the most courageous people on the planet. I am so proud to say I see that all the time at the Jersey Shore, so I'm sure you don't need my reminders.

So, to all our veterans, we can never truly repay what you've done for all of us, but a very heartfelt thank you is a small way to show our respect for you and what you've done (or what active service members are doing every day) for all of us and for our country. Thank you.

Here's what you need to know regarding what's open and closed today, according to nj.com.

Schools. Some are open and some are closed

Government offices. All state county and local government offices are closed and all courts in the state are closed.

Post Offices. They are closed today, and there is no mail delivery.

Stock Markets. The New York Stock Exchange is open, there will be trading on the Nasdaq.

NJT. It will operate on a regular schedule today.

Banks. Most major banks are closed today.

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