'The Best Two Minutes In Sports' is upon us, but for most people...the Kentucky Derby is a non-event.

These are the three best reasons to watch the Derby.

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    If there's money on the line, it really is an exciting two minutes. So much suspense! Even if you only bet a dollar, or instead of betting money, bet on a prank or a dare, whatever, it's something fun to do!

  • Steve Ryan, Flickr

    Mint Juleps

    Attention mojito fans! Time to try something new! When else will you get to sip on a proper mint julep? Add 2 sugar cubes to 5 or so mint leaves in a metal cup and muddle it together until the sugar is nice and dissolved and the minty oil is released. (You can cheat and use simple syrup but sugar cubes are legit!) Add 2.5 oz of good bourbon, and stir. Add CRUSHED ice, and top with a mint sprig. Yum!

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    My God the hats! Unless you get invited to the next Royal Wedding, you will never in your life have an excuse to wear such ridiculous and over-the-top headwear. Wear that with pride! (Maybe do some neck exercises first...those things look heavy.) If you don't want to wear your own hat, just watch the stands for some of the greatest headpieces you'll ever see.