More drama this week on The Bachelor, but next week is the week that I'm REALLY looking forward to.

Ben took the remaining ladies to Panama. Kacie B (my favorite....the one who had the very first date with Ben) got another one-on-one date. They were stranded on a private island where they caught a fish, chopped down coconuts and built a fire. Kacie confessed to having had an eating disorder in high school.

Blakely wasn't as lucky opening up to Ben on the two-on-one date with Rachel. Blakely showed Ben a scrapbook/dreambook she had made of Ben that, if you ask me, bordered on stalker-ish. I don't think anyone was really sorry to see her go. She was the original bad girl of the show until Courtney took over that title.

As for Courtney, THIS time her plan didn't work. Fresh off the skinny-dipping encounter with Ben, Courtney asked him to sneak into her hotel room but was up all night until she realized that he wasn't coming.

Which leads me to the preview for next week.......when apparently all of the remaining girls stage an intervention to get Ben to see that Courtney is a mean, lying girl and he shouldn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth. I can't wait! Hope he listens to reason this time.

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