It's almost time for Ben to hand out the final rose and perhaps propose. After this week's Women Tell All Special, we've pretty much heard what they all have to say.

Blakeley, who was originally thought to be the bad girl before we realized that title was Courtney's, is still upset that she was called names despite coming across as cold and unfriendly. I don't  find her attractive in any way.

Brittany, whose grandmother we all fell in love with on day one, explained that she opted to leave the show early on before a one-on-one date with Ben because she had zero attraction to him. refreshing!

Shawntel, (the Undertaker from Brad's season) who infamously crashed this season because she felt such a strong connection to Ben and was then cut to pieces by the girls, braved the live tv interview with the girls to express her hurt. Who could blame her? She is a beautiful, sweet girl who has no regrets about following her heart and she got ripped to shreds for it by some nasty girls.

Emily, who was one of my original favorites for Ben, will never be able to live down (in Ben's mind) trying to warn him about Courtney. It seems like she has amazingly moved on and to see her, Nicki, and the other Emily up there ---three great girls that Ben was stupid not to choose, I lost all faith in Ben's ability to see the mistake in his judgement. And I like the conclusion that Emily finally came to: that she wouldn't want to be with a guy who could be so attracted to such a bad person and instead disrespect the person who loves him and tried to warn him.

And.....did ANYONE believe Courtney's apologies and tears? Hard to say. I would like to say that we all make mistakes and we all have a good side and bad side, but if the things that came out of her mouth when she was mad are any indication of what's inside her, I still believe that Ben is a FOOL to choose her. And I believe that the only reason she agreed to come on this week's show was because Ben did indeed choose her and since he was right there to back her up, she figured she'd try to change her image with America.

So...Monday night we'll get all the final 'em or not.

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