Is there a smell or taste that is as delicious as freshly baked bread? I would say no. I am a bit partial because I love bread, especially good bread. A piece of freshly baked bread with a bit of butter and a cup of coffee, that's delicious. I can make a meal on a good chunk of freshly baked bread.


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I like french, Italian, wheat, rye, sourdough, pumpernickel, marble, etc. I am not a fan of plain "white" bread, to me almost fake bread lol. Of course, in March my favorite is homemade "soda" bread for Saint Patrick's Day.

There is something delicious about having freshly baked bread in the kitchen. The smells make you hungry and of course, that warm bread texture and taste are unbelievable. mohamed hassouna mohamed hassouna



According to an article from Love Food, they listed the best bread shops in America, with the “best” from each state being listed. Here in New Jersey their pick for best freshly baked bread is from Hudson County. Leiliane Fagundes Leiliane Fagundes



Love Food selected The Old German Bakery in Hoboken as the best bread in the Garden State. “A taste of Germany in New Jersey, Old German Bakery sells a range of dark, crusty breads from aromatic rye to rich and hearty pumpernickel. The bread rolls are a speciality and there are plenty to choose from here, including pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, multi-grain with poppy and sesame seeds, and classic crusty white. Arrive early – bread this good tends to sell out fast.”

It looks like I will have to put this bakery on my must visit list. If you have been to the Old German Bakery, let us know what you think? give us you review and post your comments below. Serghei Savchiuc Serghei Savchiuc


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