Why a cookie article, why not? It's National Cookie Month. There's a month for everything and this month it's all about the cookies.

We love our cookies and everyone has their favorite place. Recently, I asked where's the best place to get cookies at the Jersey Shore, and boy you love your cookies.

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There's a favorite place for cookies, just like bagels and donuts, you have your favorite place.

Jaime Duplass, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Jaime Duplass, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

With all the responses I received through our 92.7 WOBM App and email, there were really only six favorite spots for cookies. Most of them were in Ocean County with a couple in Monmouth County.

What is it about a cookie? Is it the moistness of the cookie? Is it the chocolate covering it or just that plain sugar cookie that melts in your mouth? Did you know the most popular cookie in New Jersey is the black & white cookie? They are Shawn's favorite. I know most of you love them.

The countdown to the number one spot at the Jersey Shore for cookies was rather simple to gather. I also got to eat different cookies from some of these favorite places. They all were delicious. My favorite cookie is the chocolate chip, with big chips.

If you didn't get a chance to vote or tell me your favorite, check these out. Do you agree with these? If you don't I would love to know where you get your cookies. Where's the "best" place to get cookies at the Jersey Shore?

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