I take my quest for great food pretty seriously -- there are just so many amazing chefs and bakers in our area!

I believe that yesterday I had the best cupcake at the Jersey Shore.

best cupcake

If you hadn't heard, I have a slight obsession with red velvet cake.

This, however, was no standard red velvet cupcake. THAT would be child's play.

This cupcake took it up a notch or three. Red velvet cake, stuffed with caramel sauce, topped with chocolate cream, a caramel drizzle, and sea salt.


If you've never experienced the joy of salted caramel and chocolate together...you need to prepare yourself mentally, and indulge immediately.

Where did I get this magical creation, you ask?

Sugarush on Front St. in Red Bank, between Broad St. and the hospital.

It's a tiny little place, but it's like a mini-Candyland inside. The guys who run it are super friendly, and they sell everything from candy to cookies to full cakes.

The cupcakes though, are the key. They have a cupcake bar. A CUPCAKE BAR.

Everyday they have vanilla, chocolate, confetti, carrot and red velvet cupcakes as a base. You can then choose one of eleven different icings, stuff it with a choice of just as many different options (like Nutella! Ah!!), and then top it with anything from nuts to candy bits to sprinkles to edible glitter.

And on top of THAT, they offer a daily special. Ridiculous.

FYI, if you follow Sugarush on Facebook, they post a picture of their daily cupcake everyday. I kept meaning to stop in, but this one finally got me. I couldn't say no to this!

salted caramel red velvet cupcake

When it comes down to it though, it's all about how it tastes.

The salted caramel red velvet cupcake was perfection. The cake is sweet, moist, and chocolatey. The caramel is creamy without being too sticky. The chocolate cream is smooth and not overly sweet, and the hint of sea salt on top ties it all together without being overpowering.


I will be going back...I sense a confetti cupcake stuffed with Nutella in my future.

Thank you Sugarush, you've killed any hope of sticking to my diet.

What is your favorite dessert? Tell us below!

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