When it comes to makeup there are so many options it's overwhelming.

Whether it's in the department store or the drugstore, the choices are enough to make anyone crazy. Powder, mousse, liquids, minerals, BB, CC, SPF, $$$$...and don't even get me started on figuring out the right color.

I have a particularly annoying problem...dry skin AND breakouts. A friend in the skincare/make-up biz says it's likely the products I'm using that are causing my blemishes, so I'm on a gentle cleanser/moisturizing regimen. I'm starting to think though that's it's my makeup (the trendy mineral kind) that might be causing my problem.

So make-up wearers, I ask you...what makeup do you use and love (or hate) and what do you think I should try? Specific product recommendations are greatly appreciated...e-mail me, Facebook me, or call 732-988-POINT!

How often do you wear makeup? Tell us in the comment section below!

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