You don't have to go far to find the finest and freshest seafood in New Jersey.

There are so many amazing restaurants serving up the very best, that's why the choice of best of the best was a little surprising.

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Personally, whenever I think of fresh seafood I immediately go to Point Lobster.

In North Jersey, you can't go wrong with the seafood tower from Battello in Jersey City.

In Central Jersey, even though they are well inland, Blue Fish Grill in Flemington is a dynamite spot.

In South Jersey, the Blue Claw Crab Eatery is where it's all at in Burlington.

Each of these establishments is excellent enough to be the best in New Jersey, but only one made the cut.

Foodie site Eat This, Not That went state-by-state to identify the best seafood restaurant from coast to coast.

What was their methodology?

we've rounded up a list of seafood hotspots that consistently blow customers out of the water.

The site pulled a lot of data from the review site Yelp. Based on all of this put together, Eat This, Not That put the title of "the best" on an unlikely seafood eatery.

The honor went to a restaurant in Newark called Seabra Marisqueira.

I say unlikely because many would expect the best to be at the Shore.

Here's what Eat This, Not That had to say about Seabra Mariquerira:

Since opening its doors in 1989, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer external nofollow">Seabra Marisqueria</a> has remained a seafood landmark in Newark. This family-owned eatery offers a wide selection of Portuguese dishes like salada de polvo (octopus in vinaigrette sauce) and mariscada (shellfish) with red sauce.

So many people have told me to try octopus. I just can't. The suction cups freak me out.

Is this restaurant worth all of the hype? Let me know.

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