It could cost you more than your annual income for the wedding of your dreams.

If you're getting ready to say "I Do" anytime soon, be prepared to dig deep into your bank account. The average wedding cost exceeds median income for most couples across the country.

Wedding costs are up - especially in our state - where couples are, on average, shelling out over $27,000 this year to get married.

A spokeswoman from says to trim your wedding budget, here are some tips:

Cut the guest list.

Skip the Saturday wedding day and choose another day of the week.

Shop off-season for the decorations and for your wedding dress.

Pick flowers that are in season.

Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot.

Opt for cheaper invitations and favors.

Okay so maybe it won't be the wedding of your dreams after all, but at least you'll have some money left to LIVE on...or, at the very least, you won't be paying off your wedding for the rest of your marriage!