I just got done watching Forest Gump for the millionth time and I can never wrap my mind around the idea of just getting up and leaving your life to go running around the world.  A New Jersey guy didn't run, but he and his dog did walk around the world for seven years, and now he is finally coming home.

Tom Turcich from Haddon Township, New Jersey decided to get up and walk around the world one day.  He put it all on social media for his followers so they could take “The World Walk” with him.   He left home when he was just 26 and he came home at 33.  Would you be able to just up and leave your friends, family, career, and life for 7 years?

He wasn’t alone, in fact, he made history by adopting a retriever puppy along the way named Savannah who by the way is officially now the first puppy to walk around the world.

They walked 28K miles and across 38 countries.  If I’m being honest, I think Savannah needs more credit than Tom since she has four feet!

So the big question is, why did he do it?  Tom lost two young friends as a teen and it motivated him to make every day count.

He is writing a book about his journey which will no doubt turn into a Lifetime movie!  He is scheduled to cross the Ben Franklin Bridge tomorrow at 3 pm.

If you are a smart salon owner, you are going to offer to give this guy a pedicure on the house!

I wonder if Savannah will ever respond to "hey, you wanna go for a walk?" the same way again? If she's smart she'll get an agent.

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