The Great Easter Candy Debate is on!! Easter candy is flooding stores at the Jersey Shore! Every year there seems to be an influx of Peeps! To me Peeps are absolutely disgusting! Now don’t get me wrong, I used to eat them, but I waited till they got stale so that I could stomach them…now not so much! So, when someone gives me Peeps, I grab my Peeps Shooter and have a Peeps war with my kids!! YES, I HAVE A PEEPS SHOOTER!!! It’s a sling shot.

Here is the real question though, are Peeps more disgusting than Black Jelly Beans? I think so! I don’t know why or when my fascination with the black jelly beans happened. I know that for years my favorites were the red and yellow ones, but then I guess I acquired a taste for them and would make it a point to pick them out and eat them all. Now they sell bags of just all black ones!!

I started a poll on the 94.3 The Point Facebook page, I would love to know what you think! Go vote!!


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