has released its annual list of each state's favorite jelly bean flavors. New Jersey's is just wrong!

Black licorice. Gross!

Now far be it for me to question the super-scientific data collection and analysis that went into this from, but this can't be true. They say they went through 10+ years of sales data.

Are you telling me that someone is going to pick a black jelly bean over an orange one? C'mon.

Maybe I'm too traditional, but the top flavors surprised me. Buttered popcorn is number one, black licorice is two and cinnamon came in at three.

Take a look at the whole Country.

Source: 10+ years bulk candy sales data from

Ok, after looking at this there is a flavor worse than black licorice. Coconut.

A lot of these choices are almost exclusively Jelly Belly flavors. When Easter comes around, give me the real deal. Russel Stover.

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