Undoubtedly, you'll be at a Jersey Shore barbeque sometime this weekend, and you'll probably be using some ketchup or mustard. Ever wonder where those condiments came from?

We thought you should know the history behind some of your favorite condiments, according to msn.com.

Ketchup...You have to go back to 17th century China for the origins of ketchup. It started as a sauce of spices and pickled fish. Tomatoes weren't even used in ketchup until the early 19th century.

Barbeque sauce...You can trace the origins to Kansas City, which may have been inspired by a North Carolina sauce called Lexington Dip.

Mustard...It started with the Romans, who mixed mustard seeds and grape juice. It was called mustum ardens and it was eventually shortened to the name we call it now.

Now you can impress your friends at this weekend's barbeque with your new knowledge. Or you can get taken off the invite list for the next barbeque. It can go either way.