We have all witnessed our share of bad driving in the Garden State, but one casual survey reveals that in one particular comparison, New Jersey drivers point the finger across the state lines.

We asked you to tell us if you thought New Jersey drivers driving in the snow are worse than tourists driving in the Garden State in the summer or the other way around, and the results were pretty definitive.

It turns out that Garden State drivers believe, that even though they have seen some pretty bad winter drivers of vehicles with those familiar yellow plates, there is no doubt in their mind that the worst of the driving they've seen comes in the summer from those visiting the state.

And it wasn't even really close. Our results show that 83% of those who responded say the worst of the driving at the Jersey Shore occurs in the summer months, and it's not New Jersey drivers provided the head shaking moves.

It is worth saying that only Jersey Shore residents participated in this survey, so it might make sense that the numbers landed where they did.

I guess I'm going to be the one to say it. I absolutely disagree with these results. Yes, I've seen some head shaking moments on our roadways in the summer that can be attributed to guests of the Jersey Shore.

But in my opinion, the far worse moves I've seen on our roadways come from that small percentage of New Jersey drivers who seem to lose all contact with common sense when there's an inch of snow on the ground.

As a matter of fact, I'll take it one step further and call attention to that small sliver of our driving population who don't even need snow to actually be on the ground. Just the forecast of snow is enough for some to toss the driver's manual out the window.

And then there's the other extreme of New Jersey drivers (also a small percentage) who go in the completely opposite direction and completely ignore the snow and bad driving conditions and scream down the left lane doing 90 no matter how much snow or ice is on the ground.

And we all know we've seen both types of winter drivers on the road just about every time there is a winter weather event. So, on this one in my humble opinion, we need to look no further than the Garden State on this one.

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