Jersey Shore residents have our own unique way of doing most things, but none is more obvious than the way we use our car horn.

We have turned beeping into an actual language, so in case you're not sure what the car next to you or behind you just said, I thought you might want to have the definitions handy.

Short lasts less than a second and it's gently reminding you that the light just changed, or you can now put your cellphone down and resume driving . Best translation? "I'm a nice guy and I'm just helping you out".

One second lasts a little longer and that means patience is running thin. Best translation?" I'm not mad at you yet, but I'm getting there" or more simply "seriously"??

Two to four second beep...This one's easy. It means "I have come to the conclusion you're a bad driver and I'm now mad at you". Or more simply put, "Come on idiot"!

Over four second beep. More commonly referred to as leaning on the horn. At this point, the deliver of that beep believes you have lost all rights as a driver, and most likely believes you should no longer be allowed to live in the state. We are obviously not allowed to print the translation, but we're pretty sure you know all associated words and gestures.

Usage of all of the beeps described here only apply if the beeper considers himself or herself to be among the best drivers on the planet, which means every Jersey Shore resident qualifies.

By the way,check this out from a recent New Jersey Driver's Manual...

HORN... horn should not be overused, but a motorist should check it often to make sure it works. Use the horn to signal when passing or when coming out of a blind alley, curve or driveway.

Let's hear those five words again... horn should not be overused...good luck with that!

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