There are a lot of things that soak up our time each and every day here at the Jersey Shore. But few are more infuriating than an overly long traffic light.

There are several traffic lights that come to mind for me when this topic comes up, and I'm sure there were several that popped into your brain as well. I wonder what the longest traffic light at the Jersey Shore actually is?

I got stuck at a long one last night and that's what got me thinking about this whole thing. I was driving home after a visit to Jenks Inlet Bar, and I was heading toward Route 35 so I could make that left toward Bay Head.

And I sat at that light at Ocean and 35 for what seemed like ten minutes. I know it wasn't that long, but it was certainly long enough for me to wonder what was going on. It was long enough for me to think there was something wrong with the light.

Now I know there are reasons for these things, and smarter people than me (or is it I?) set these things up,and I'm sure in the long run, the light probably helps traffic, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating when you're waiting at a long one.

So, we want to know which traffic light in Monmouth & Ocean Counties you think is the absolute longest. We'll tally the votes and give you the results of our unofficial survey.

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