So many of us have recurring dreams, or nightmares, and now you may be able to learn what they mean.

Have you had the dream that you're getting chased and just can't get away? Well, according to the people at DreamMoods in a report at, you are probably "avoiding a situation that you do not think is conquerable". If you're getting chased by an animal, it's unexpressed anger.

Or what about the dream that you can't breathe. The experts say that it means that you are feeling exhausted. Ironically enough, this type of nightmare is common among people who have asthma.

And if you dream about drowning It might mean that "repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you". There is a difference in the meaning if you survive in the dream or if you actually drown. If you survive, it means that the situation, or relationship that's the source of concern will also survive. If you actually drown in the nightmare, it represents "an emotional rebirth".

Or it may just be the sausage and pepper sandwich you had at 11:00pm. Just sayin'.