It's the end of an era! We found out this week that the iconic Ocean Ice Palace in Brick will be closing its doors for good after nearly 60 years of memories here in Ocean County.

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In a recent Brick Patch article, it was announced that the Ocean Ice Palace will close it's doors for good at the end of the month...July 31st. The iconic "Ice Palace" was built by Dr. Leon Dwulet and his family in 1962 and has provided many "icy" memories for all ages, from hockey players to weekend warriors.....the "ice palace" has been a go-to place for skaters.

I remember as a kid going to the Ocean Ice Palace on a weekend to do some skating. Let me first say I am a terrible roller skater and an even worse ice skater lol  I think I spent more time on the floor at the Ocean Ice Palace the I did standing lol  I can still remember how wet I would be after a trip to the rink. There is always just a little bit of moisture on the ice and when you spend most of your time falling....well you get soaked. If you are as bad at skating as me, then you know exactly what I mean. Even though I had my share of falls, it was always fun at the Ocean Ice Palace...something "different" to do here in Ocean County.

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According to the Brick Patch, the Ice Palace will close its doors on Saturday, July 31st....marking the end of its 59 year run here at the Jersey Shore.



Did you grow up going to the Ocean Ice Palace? Share your memories and thoughts, post below in the comments section.



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