Is it possible that there is a type of Jersey Shore traffic jam that you actually miss when it disappears?

Traffic is a way of life for us at the Jersey Shore, and whether it's expected, or a complete surprise. like the pop up construction projects that seem to be a daily occurrence, it doesn't ever seem to be a welcome addition to our day.

I'm not sure we would ever be upset (although we would be truly shocked) at a day that contained no traffic, but is there a type of traffic jam that we actually miss when it disappears?

I think I found one. It might be the one roadway inconvenience that we just shrug and accept as part of life at the Jersey Shore. It's the open drawbridge. If there's ever a time I don't mind grinding to a halt, it's to let a boat or two go by.

First, it's the ultimate sign of summer season at the Jersey Shore, and that's not never a bad thing to me. Plus it's kind of a Shore thing to watch a beautiful boat or two pass by. And now that the boating season is winding down, I actually think I'm going to miss it.

The bridge I'm most often caught at is the Beaver Dam Bridge and during the season I catch that bridge about twice a week, and it hardly ever upsets me. I caught it this past weekend and that's what got me thinking about it.

So, while it's not a bad thing to not have to stop my car on my way home, I will say that as we sink into another Jersey Shore winter, part of me will miss the bells and lights of the Beaver Dam Bridge and the boats that pass.

Spring can't come soon enough.

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