There has been an annoying amount of construction on the Rt. 35 bridge leading into and out of Point Pleasant Beach. And it looks like it's been wrapped up -- but not necessarily for good.
If you have had to spend the past fall, winter, and spring dealing with the narrow, one-lane mess going over that bridge (and the merge necessary to squeeze all of those cars onto and over the bridge) then you will be very happy to hear that they have wrapped up the project...a little too close for comfort considering all of the wonderful boardwalk days we have had with so many cars trying to get over that bridge into Point Pleasant Beach.

The bad news is that apparently the project was unable to be completed, so we're in for another nine months or so of that same crappy construction mess once the summer ends.

But that's a long ways let's just enjoy the rest of spring and a (hopefully) beautiful summer at the shore before we start thinking about September construction! Upon completion, the construction should give the Rt. 35 Bridge a 30 year lifespan, as opposed to ten years.

To read about the ongoing controversy surrounding this bridge construction, CLICK HERE.

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