This steakhouse has been around for decades, 73 years to be exact, so the thought of it closing for good would be absolutely shocking!

Luckily, it's only closing for renovations, but patrons are hoping there won't be any major changes to this very popular restaurant in Camden County.

They're concerned the renovations will take away the charm of this landmark restaurant with castle-like decor and an "almost medieval vibe" as some would call it, according to the Courier Post.

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The Pub in Pennsauken Will Close for Renovations This Summer

Known for its amazing prime rib and salad bar, along with everything else, The Pub in Pennsauken is closing down for the summer.

It will be closed all summer starting on July 1st to September 19th, according to its Facebook page, and reopening on September 20th.

Hopefully, they won't change anything too much because the comments on Facebook are pretty much all the same. Everyone loves this restaurant's decor!

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Here's some of the reaction on The Pub's Facebook page.


"I understand that sometimes a place needs sprucing up but please don’t change the aesthetics, always loved the place and the great food. Love that old-world look."

"I hope it still looks like The Pub. Like a castle banquet hall and the bar like a 70s lounge. That was part of the appeal!"

"Do not change the prehistoric nature of this restaurant."

No word yet on what the renovations will be, but hopefully it will still look the same when it's all complete.

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