There were a lot of very disappointed people in Beachwood, Toms River, Pine Beach, Island Heights and surrounding towns yesterday.

We got word at just after 2 p.m. from the Sheriff's Department that the annual Fourth of July fireworks over the Toms River would not be happening.

Word started to spread quickly on social media, and most people got the heads up. I spent the 4th in Island Heights, and it was a virtual ghost town.

While it's great that many got the news on social, there were many incorrect reasons for why the fireworks didn't go off.

It was not Beachwood's fault. Mayor Ronald Roma and his team did everything in their power to put on the show. According to NJ Advanced Media, no tax dollars are used for the fireworks. The show costs $17,000, and all of the money used is from donations. Beachwood will be refunded, and the cash will be used for next year's fireworks.

If we have to pass "blame," it would be on the company providing the fireworks. That being said, Fireworks Extravaganza based out of Rochelle Park was expecting a delivery from Maryland. They issued an apology and explanation on Facebook Thursday.

As you can see, Milltown was also affected.

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