Growing up we learned in history about the “Roaring 20’s” and it seemed all so long before our time and yet not too far before us. I know for me the 20’s era fascinated me. The Flappers, Prohibition and Bootleggers, The Great Depression just to name a few. The 1920’s were a time that began change for life in the United States and life in NJ. The beginning of a new era, where women were now allowed to vote for the first time and processed food changed the way we live.

Alcohol was illegal and that didn’t stop bootleggers from making and distributing it to the Speakeasys. There is much speculation about Al Capone with ties to secret tunnels leading into the Royal Pines Hotel (now known as Crystal Lake Manor in Bayville, NJ). There is no hard evidence to support or deny this. The first Miss America pageant happened on the Jersey Shore (Atlantic City) in 1921. The Berkeley Hotel in Asbury was built in 1924. The Holland Tunnel opened in 1927.

Let’s go back to the processed food though. Why? Well because this decade we celebrate 100 years of these products that are actually still around. Here are just a few including a Jersey Shore favorite made in NJ.

So now if you are planning a New Year’s Eve party "Roaring 20's" style, you can serve these in celebration of 100 years!

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