The Situation will not be headed behind bars until 2019!

The Jersey Shore star who was recently sentenced to 8 months in prison for tax evasion will not have to begin serving until January 15th, 2019. (At least he can breathe easy through the new year?)

It has not been revealed where the reality star will be spending his sentence -- but it is probably much safer that way.

I do sincerely hope that The Situation remains a changed man after being in prison because he has done one of the biggest 180's I have ever seen.

“Mike accepts the court’s decision and looks forward to marrying his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce, and moving forward together after serving his sentence,” said a rep in a written statement. “He anticipates to come back stronger as an individual and couple in the same healthy mind-set that he has had for the last three years.”

All of his Jersey Shore castmates and his fiancé Lauren have stood by his side throughout the entire process which does bode well when hoping for The Situation to remain on the right path.

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