There is pretty much nothing you can't do from your smart phone, but what is the one function you just can't live without?

You know the feeling. You are halfway to work and you realize you don't have your phone. It's a sinking feeling, and it's almost automatic that you'll grab the next jughandle and head right back home. It's way better to have to face the boss and explain why you're late than to face the whole day without your smart phone.

And it's a perfectly logical reaction. It's all on there. Your contacts, internet, schedule, email, texts, Facebook and , oh yeah, you can make calls on it too. You literally can't get anything done without it.

So the question is, which function of your smart phone is the one you just can't live without for a whole day? Imagine find out one function will be disabled for a full 24 hours, but you get to choose which it will be. Which would you choose?

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