We all know driving in New Jersey can be an adventure anytime, anyday, but have you ever seen the reaction of some Garden State drivers when someone near them tries to actually keep it to the speed limit?

When we are in a store, we don't get mad if the person in front of us doesn't shoplift...because it's against the law. When we're at the gas station, it doesn't upset us if someone doesn't speed away without paying...there's a law against that, too. So why do so many drivers in New Jersey get infuriated with any driver in front of them who dares to drive at only the speed limit?

I don't just mean mad. I mean infuriated. You know the routine. The bobbing and weaving and lane changing and brake lights and gestures. And of course the incredible desire to see what the person in front of you who is ruining your day looks like.

I was talking to Nancy about it this morning and she's convinced that if you're from New Jersey, it's just something you're born with. It could be true. We've all done it. I guess we're all in such a hurry every minute of every day, but we probably should take a breath. After all, is there anything worse than using all that energy to pass someone, only to look in your rear view mirror and see the car you passed right behind you, waiting at the same red light?  

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