A snack, we love our snacks here in New Jersey.

I took it to Facebook and asked the question, "What's your favorite snack?" Just like that, we got hundreds of comments and I chose the top 25 from all of those comments.

Top 25 Snacks That New Jersians Love

Why is ice cream always on a New Jersian's "snack" wish list?

There is nothing better than heading to the boardwalk and getting that perfect ice cream cone. On a hot summer night, a Kohr's cone is the best. Chocolate / Vanilla Twist or Orange and Vanilla Twist, you choose, it's all delicious.

Why are boardwalk fries always on a New Jersian's "snack" wish list?

We have the best french fries in the world. Boardwalk fries are to die for. If you love vinegar or no vinegar, they will always be so popular.

Boardwalk pizza did not make the list, it's not really a snack. Although pizza is always a good snack, it's more like a meal. I would say those are the three big foods that people love when they visit New Jersey. I know living close to the boardwalk, they would be my favorite of all time.

Snacks are something we grab while watching our favorite TV show. Parties and family gatherings are so much tastier with great snacks. I asked the question about snacks and there were so many answers, pigs in a blanket, shrimp cocktail, and cheese and meat trays were probably the most popular on the list. Just a good nacho and cheese or taco tip made the top of the list, also.


Are any of these snacks poisonous to your furry friends

LOOK: Here Are 30 Foods That Are Poisonous to Dogs

To prepare yourself for a potential incident, always keep your vet's phone number handy, along with an after-hours clinic you can call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline you can call at (888) 426-4435 for advice.

Even with all of these resources, however, the best cure for food poisoning is preventing it in the first place. To give you an idea of what human foods can be dangerous, Stacker has put together a slideshow of 30 common foods to avoid. Take a look to see if there are any that surprise you.

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