This summer we deserve all the fun we can get, compared to last summer. We say at 92.7 WOBM "More fun in 21." Make it a goal to do all 5, maybe in a weekend.

Nothing says summer fun than a fun, competitive night of miniature golf with the whole family. We have some of the "best" I've ever played right here in Ocean County. I'll take the pink ball.

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I asked the experts, Mom and Dad, and here are the Top 5 in Ocean County. I've been to all of these and these are fantastic.

Top 5 Miniature Golf Courses in Ocean County, Chosen By You

Possibly a road trip one weekend to try all 5. I know, I know, I tend to cheat a little bit by kicking the ball in the hole. Abby now realizes I cheat, I'm a horrible Mom. I think I've created a cheater now in mini golf.(Yikes, I know it's terrible).

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But, no matter what when the family goes to play miniature golf, we always have a great time. We love it at night. Yes, sometimes there's a line, but it's all a part of it. I believe some of these have a bench along the course, if you need to sit.

I remember growing up in Pennsylvania, we didn't have a lot to do, but we had a fun miniature golf course. It's something my friends and I could do on a weekend night. I remember it used to get so packed, but always so much fun. That's a great memory I'll always remember.

This summer make some great memories with your kids. Remember, "More Fun in 21."

Most miniature golf courses have 18 holes, some have more. Then, of course, most of these have an ice cream shop right next door, stop by for your favorite scoop. It's the perfect summer night.

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