We find ourselves muttering and mumbling a lot when we drive the challenging roads of the Garden State. And some days  we mutter and mumble louder than others. Often times, our frustration with other drivers comes out in the form of a sarcastic, often rhetorical question that just ejects from our mouth.


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These questions are neither expected to be answered, nor would any response make us feel any better about the nearly indescribable driving maneuver or decision we just witnessed. And by the way, we almost always already know the answer.

We thought we would break down the top 5 questions we yell, I mean ask, other drivers during the course of our commute here at the Jersey Shore. Or at least the top 5 questions we could print...

What The HELL Are You Doin'?...You just witnessed someone make a right from the left lane or stop at a green light or some other unexplainable maneuver  The emphasis on HELL reiterates the fact that you believe there is no acceptable answer.

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Where Did You Learn How To Drive? The driving you just witnessed is so bad you want to skip over blaming the driver and go straight to blaming their parents or driving school.

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Are You A Freakin' Idiot? This is not just about driving. The move that you just witnessed was so bad that you believe this driver's idiocy can not be limited to driving. It must permeate other parts of his life.

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Are You Kidding Me? What you just saw could not be the real way this driver drives. He must be punking you or something. Telling you that maneuver was just a joke is about the only explanation you'll accept.


What The...?? Usually the blank is not, well blank. You can fill it in with whatever curse releases the most tension for you. This is the granddaddy of them all and is reserved for only the jersiest of Jersey drivers.


Yes, there are more questions we bellow, and curses we slowly enunciate to "drive" our point home. Only two things are for sure about Jersey driving. You did nothing wrong, and the other guy is a horrible driver.

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