There will be a luxurious store making its debut grand opening in New Jersey and just in time for the holidays!

The White Company, a United Kingdom based luxury retail chain, will be opening its first store in New Jersey and second in the United States overall.

On November 9th, you will be able to shop at The White Company at The Mall at Short Hills. Their first location in the U.S. was opening on Fifth avenue in New York City.

And what can you buy from said luxury store?

The White Company revealed in a press release that, "they will have a 2,330-square-foot space in the mall, selling 'a curated selection of lifestyle, homeware and fashion products.'"

I take it to mean that you could find just about anything in this store which could range from home accessories to various stylish fashion trends. (Maybe it is better for my savings account if I don't go to this store just yet)

'We are thrilled to be opening our second store in the USA after receiving such a warm reception for our Fifth Avenue flagship," said founder Chrissie Rucker. "For us, white is the blank canvas for stylish yet understated living that is effortless, luxurious and timeless and we're delighted to be introducing our design philosophy to a wider American audience."

Looks like we are in for a bit of a treat. But tread cautiously because it sounds like The White Company knows exactly what they are doing.

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