As you negotiate around New Jersey traffic, congestion, construction and drivers, we have some good news for you. It could be worse.

So, how can it be worse than dealing with driving in New Jersey? Well, if this makes you feel a little better, WalletHub is the latest publication to say it bad here, but maybe not as bad as you've heard before. They say there are eight other states in America that are even worse to drive in than the Garden State.

Their research ranks New Jersey as the ninth worst state to drive in. And in true New Jersey fashion, we're happily surprised at that ranking. Now there's something that can only happen in the Garden State.

So, first of all, which states are worse to drive in? They are (from worst to less worst) Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, California, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Wyoming.

How were these rankings arrived at? The research used 30 key facts about driving in each state, including road conditions, rush hour traffic and average gas prices. And by the way, New Jersey ranks in the bottom 5 for rush hour congestion and cost of maintenance.

Did you ever think you'd wake up this morning and be driving (or stuck in traffic) in a state that barely made the top 10 for worst driving in the nation. If that's true, then all I have to say is poor Hawaii.

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