There are laws of the road in other parts of America and the world that make some things New Jersey drivers deal with seem pretty reasonable.

Let's take a look at some weird rules of the road around the nation and the globe, according to Road & Track.

You can't beep your horn after 9:00pm near any establishment "where cold drinks and/or sandwiches are served" in Little Rock, Arkansas. Yes, it's still on the books, and no, this would never work in New Jersey...we love to beep and there's a diner on every corner.

If you are herding animals in South Africa, not only are you considered a driver, but you have the right of way. How much beeping would that cause in the Garden State?

In Switzerland, you are not allowed to wash your car on Sunday, and you are never allowed to use a power washer to wash it, no matter what day of the week it is. It's all about peace and quiet, two things we are not very familiar with at the Jersey Shore.

So, the next time you think about complaining about jughandles, traffic circles or any of the other inconveniences we deal with here in New Jersey, at least we're not dealing with those rules!

But remember, we do live in a state where it's illegal to frown at a police officer, so if you get pulled over for any reason, make sure you smile.

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