My license expires at the end of the month and after seeing the obscene lines at the MVC, I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I dare go near the building.

Luckily, MVC has released 20 forms to the public that are said to hopefully cut down wait times.

Similarly to how a doctor's office will have you fill out paperwork before your appointment, the MVC will allow customers to complete certain paperwork online so you don't have to worry about wasting time online onsite.

Everything from learner's permits to driver's license applications can now be started online.

MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said:

The “fillable form,” can be printed out, signed, and brought to the agency, where it will be scanned and processed by an MVC employee at the customer service window. Some forms, such as registration renewals, can also be printed and mailed to MVC offices.

The MVC is urging drivers to please fill out these forms before they arrive at their MVC location.

Fulton added:

This will also expedite processes inside our agencies, as customers come with their forms already filled out and their documentation prepared.

To access all of the MVC documents that are now available, click here.

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