I'm fascinated with ghosts and spirits. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I'm from Jersey?  Here's why...CardsChat.com just did some deep research and released an interactive map of every ghost sighting across the United States since the year 1972.  You might be surprised where New Jersey ranked...

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Are you a skeptic?  Well in total, there have been 62,482 ghost sightings since 1972 in the United States alone.

If you want to see a ghost this Halloween, I would head over to Illinois which has the best odds off seeing a ghost...

Photo by Sayan Ghosh on Unsplash
Photo by Sayan Ghosh on Unsplash

However, if seeing a ghost is your worst nightmare, you're safest in Florida, which has the worst odds of a seeing a ghost in the US.

Stats were collected dating back to 1972 of every ghost sighting across the US. Then they calculated the odds of seeing a ghost in each state across the country, based on sightings and state population.

Use this map to find out how haunted your state is and discover the odds of seeing one yourself!

Well, guess what?  New Jersey is in top 5 least haunted states in the U.S.!  Can that even be true? Come on...we have The Spy House...the MOST HAUNTED PLACE IN AMERICA!  I think we are pretty chalk-full of ghost activity here but maybe that is just wishful thinking?  Keep scrolling to see the most terrifying New Jersey haunted spots...

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