We all love a shortcut in life, but this list of ideas definitely falls into the category of immoral life hacks. These are bad but so brilliant at the same time.  I am curious about where you fall on these topics. Would you use none, all, or just some of these hacks?

A website called Techy Twist created an epic list. I have to say I'm happy my mind does not work like this and that these are all shocking to me. That said, I'm going to use at least a few of them.  I mean who does not want more access to better parking or to have a better shot at that new job?  OK, let's not judge each other as we read these.

Immoral Life Hacks

These are not things that you are supposed to do but they will save you time, and money and help you get ahead.

OK, the life insurance thing is out of my moral comfort zone BUT I'm not mad at the orange vest or the name change.  Some rules are just stupid and if you have a workaround more power to you!

You can see the full list of immoral life hacks from Techy Twist here.

I'm sure these guys would not think twice about using all of these tactics!

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