Goodbyes are sad.  We love consistency in an uncertain life, don’t we?  It is comforting to have a place where everyone knows your name but unfortunately, we have one more local staple closing its doors.  Does anyone else hear the Cheers theme song playing in their heads right now? 

In a COVID world, we assume the pandemic is responsible for all closings, but we just learned that is not the case for this Monmouth County watering hole.  They are closing but not from a lack of business. 

You know it and you love it, Main Street Bar & Grill in Ocean Township will be closing at the end of this year after serving us for 30 years.  They recently announced the sad news on their Facebook page.

So what is the reason for them leaving?  They were bought out by a Jeep dealership that will set up shop in that space.  Sea View Auto Corp bought it up and going forward the space will be used for car repairs. 

So go and grab a bite and a beer one last time while you can, I'm sure the owners would appreciate it.  Maybe one more group gathering over the big Thanksgiving weekend?  Thank you for the memories and those burgers! 

Here are some more beloved places that have shut their doors forever.  Do you have stories from any of these places?  As always, feel free to share them with us!  Chances are we do too.


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