And I thought I was a bad driver...there's so much to unpack here I don't know where to start. I'll just say I'm not the best driver in the world however, but at least I'm not hitting Wawas and houses!  You think you had a bad day?  Check this out:

To start we have a  woman in Freehold who crashed her car into a Wawa in Red Bank yesterday morning.

Thankfully, no one inside the store was hurt but imagine the surprise as your ordering your custom hoagie and iced mocha coffee when a car plows right though the place!

The driver was a 60-year-old woman and she got charged with careless driving which seems pretty undisputable.  This however is just the warm up act.

Not to be outdone, another woman was recently arrested for crashing into two houses, a fence, another car and a swimming pool in Brick Township.

Officers said that she appeared to be under the influence…ya think?  Imagine, you're watching this unfold…a woman drives off the road entirely, hits a house, then powers on to hit an above ground pool, hit a parked car, and then hit a second house!

Officers found 4 ounces of ketamine and drug paraphernalia in her car. In case you were wondering with ketamine is, it is a veterinary anesthetic.

She got busted with intent to sell, for careless driving, being an uninsured motorist, reckless driving, driving under the influence of liquor or drugs, failure to possess registration and operation of a motor vehicle while in possession of a narcotic and was hauled off to Ocean County Jail.  Other than that she was having a good day. Apparently defensive driving is more important than ever!  Stay safe!


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