New Jersey residents were asked which sound of summer is their favorite, and the results are in.

Whether you consider it official or not, summer has begun at the Jersey Shore, and that means the sounds that only come with this time of year have arrived.

New Jersey's Favorite Sound Of Summer

New Jersey residents recently told us on social media which sounds of summer are the one that lets them know summer is truly here, and you didn't disappoint us. You gave us great, and often funny, answers.

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For instance, the sound that landed in the #2 spot of sounds that reminded you of summer was beeping. Most things important in New Jersey center on our roadways, so that makes sense, and made us laugh.

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According to this poll, the top sound of summer in New Jersey is the sound of seagulls. We know that those french fry-stealing birds can be divisive, but I love them.

New Jersey Loves The Sound Of Crashing Waves

Kicking off the top three sounds, at #3 is the crashing of the waves at the beach. It could be one of the great natural sounds on the planet.

I also have to throw this one in, even though this didn't make our list. Have you ever been near the rides at the boardwalk and just absorbed the combination of amazing sounds here?

You hear the seagulls, and the waves and you also get a dose of kids laughing and the amazing music terminating from the rides. In my mind, that's the perfect blend of summer sounds.

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