I can't believe it, but you really, really want this one supermarket in Manahawkin.

Rt. 72 is just crazy as it is, especially during the summer with everyone heading to LBI. Even on a regular Saturday in February, Rt. 72 in Manahawkin there's traffic.

Whole Foods Market, is a fantastic store that deals in fresh and organic healthy alternatives. For many of you, it's possible you've never been to one. If you have never shopped at Whole Foods or checked it out, do it. I think you'll love it. Delicious great fresh produce and I love the pre-prepared dishes that are for the most part healthy for the whole family.

Noel Hendrickson, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
Noel Hendrickson, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

Yes, you want a Whole Foods Market in Manahawkin. It's either Whole Foods Market or Cracker Barrel in Manahawkin. Every time we ask the question, "What does Manahawkin need or want?" It's always Whole Foods Market.

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The closest Whole Foods Market, I believe is in Monmouth County. We need one in Ocean County and do you think Manahawkin would be the perfect place for it?

Whole Foods Market prepared meals are really nice because they come in different sizes, depending on your family size. Usually, they have delicious choices and something for everyone's taste buds.

When I say Whole Foods Market, do you think one should be in Manahawkin? Another supermarket that is always on the list that you want in Ocean County other than Brick is Trader Joe's. I agree, I would love one a lot closer than Brick.


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