When my daughter has a bad day she like anyone else has a go-to comfort treat. I always thought hers was a strange one until now. When she wants a pick-me-up she will get herself a Mcdonald's Sprite. Notice I said a Mcdonald's Sprite.  Yes, it has to be a fountain Sprite, specifically from Mcdonald's. I know you are thinking that all Sprites are created equal, but according to my kid that is false. I looked into it and believe it or not, her tastebuds are on to something.

McDonald’s has the same drinks everyone else does but they are much more popular coming from their sweet drive-thru.  Aficionados all concur that McDonald’s soda is far superior to fountain drinks found elsewhere but WHY?

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Why does McDonald’s Sprite have my daughter hooked? First, they filter the water four times before it gets introduced to the soda tower and the water is chilled in advance to the coldest temp it could be, just before freezing. Apparently, cold water makes for better bubbles. Who knew? The ice is filtered four times before freezing as well.

There is also buzz that there is slightly more syrup-to-water ratio in a Mcdonald's beverage vs the can or bottle or even fountain somewhere else. Also, let's talk accessories. The McDonald’s straw is wider in circumference which allows more extra sweet beverages to get spread across the tastebuds making your brain happy.  Actually, more than happy, hooked.

If you combine Sprite with a salty food you are really in for a sensory overload because it was recently discovered that the mechanisms in the sweet-sensitive taste cells need sodium to activate things. So if you get some salty fries with that Sprite, you are going to be in love.

People have always loved McDonald’s Coke and Diet Coke too and that is for the same reasons mentioned above plus the maintenance for the machines is under close watch. Inspections happen often, more often than in mom-and-pop shops. They get their syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks which are supposed to keep the soda fresher.  Rest assured, you are not crazy. 

Sodas taste better at McDonald's because there is extra time and attention to detail happening (plus a little bit more sugary goodness).  

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