Many animal lovers know that declawing a cat is considered inhumane under most circumstances. Now our state has signed a bill that, if it becomes law, could cost you money and time in jail for declawing a cat.

The NJ Senator who sponsored the bill calls the procedure of surgically declawing a cat a cruel practice that is often performed out of convenience rather than necessity. Now he wants our state to lead the nation in putting an end to declawing.

If the law passes, it would be punishable with a fine up to $1,000 and up to 6 months in prison, plus civil penalties of up to $2,000!

Under the bill, the only acceptable reasons for declawing would be if there was an illness, infection,  disease or other abnormal condition in the cat's claw(s).

Declawing, as is done way too often just to prevent a cat from scratching its owner's furniture, can cause lasting problems for a cat. In fact, the Humane Society of the U.S. says you should consider declawing an amputation of the last bone in each toe, equivalent

to having each of your fingertips cuts off at the last knuckle.

Now do you get how bad it is to declaw your cat?

For details about the bill, plus advice on how to take care of your cat WITH its claws intact, CLICK HERE.



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